Loiste Interactive
Based in Hämeenlinna, Finland

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January 15th 2016 (INFRA: Part 1), September 24th 2016 (INFRA: Part 2)



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INFRA is an atmospheric and completely non-violent first-person puzzle adventure that deals with the issues of deteriorating infrastructure. The player controls an ordinary structural analyst through abandoned factories, forgotten tunnels and unsafe buildings in a dangerous, crumbling industrial city and its surrounding rural areas. Along the way, the player will be taking photos of structural weaknesses, solving environmental puzzles and unraveling a thought-provoking story centered around corruption and deception.


Although the company was founded in 2013, the development of our first game INFRA started two years earlier as a Source Engine mod project. The scope of the project eventually grew large enough to become a fully fledged standalone title. This became even more evident after getting Greenlit by the Steam community with over 45,000 positive votes, peaking at top 4. The success on Steam Greenlight prompted us to found the company and start looking for investors to fund the game. By 2015, we had managed to raise some money from investors, but not enough to finish the entire game. This lead to us running a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. While we did manage to raise some money, we failed to reach the campaign goal. As a result of this, we decided to split the game into multiple parts. We did just that, and INFRA: Part 1 was released on Steam on January 15th 2016. INFRA: Part 2 was released on Steam as a free update on September 24th 2016. We're currently working on the final part – INFRA: Part 3, which too will be released as a free update.


  • Solve varying mechanical and electrical puzzles
  • Explore highly detailed maps with multiple routes and hidden secrets
  • Visit dozens of unique locations, each with their distinctive gameplay
  • Avoid hazards and survive in the crumbling world
  • Learn about the city of Stalburg and its people
  • Uncover a massive scheme behind the city's problems


Trailer YouTube

INFRA: Part 2 Trailer YouTube

Greenlight Teaser Trailer YouTube

Minitrain Gameplay YouTube

Forest Gameplay YouTube

Stormdrain Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "2016 Indie of the Year Awards" Nominee (Top 100), IndieDB, 11 December 2016
  • "2015 Indie of the Year Awards" Nominee (Top 100), IndieDB, 11 December 2015
  • "2014 Indie of the Year Awards" Nominee (Top 100), IndieDB, 11 December 2014
  • "Steam Greenlight" Greenlit (over 45,000 votes in favor), Steam, 13 August 2012
  • "2011 Mod of the Year Awards" Nominee (Top 100), ModDB, 11 December 2011

Selected Articles

  • "A change of pace is something I require from time to time. I like shooting aliens and smashing cars, but sometimes I just need a game that allows me to explore and appreciate my surroundings without the overhanging concern of a time limit or imminent death. That’s exactly what INFRA is all about. It’s a new indie first person adventure game rigged with puzzles and superbly designed environments inside and out."
    - Jody Mulhern, Brash Games
  • "While it is by no means perfect, Infra is a good game despite its flaws. Technical issues and jumping puzzles aside, fans of this sort of game will be satisfied by it thanks to its excellent visuals and solid sound design. If you're looking for an atmospheric game that has some intrigue in among the exploration, keep this one in mind."
    - John Bridgman, IndieGames
  • "INFRA is one of the latest entries into the atmospheric adventure genre, and is looking very compelling. From its pleasant graphics, to its intriguing story concept, I can easily see myself being quickly immersed in such a world."
    - Sean Flint, IndieGames
  • "INFRA is not another Dear Esther"
    - Jose Cardoso, GameZone
  • "INFRA Asks What You'd Do to Stop an Urban Crisis"
    - David Rudin, Kill Screen
  • "We've Been Soldiers And Athletes. Time For A Structural Analyst."
    - Luke Plunkett, Kotaku
  • "Who Knew a Video Game About Infrastructure Could Look So Cool?"
    - John Metcalfe, CityLab
  • "Video Game Captures the Intensity of Infrastructure Repair"
    - Patrick Sisson, Curbed
  • "A spooky inside job is taking down buildings in INFRA"
    - Jed Whitaker, Destructoid
  • "The Crumbling Of America: Infra"
    - Jim Rossignol, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The old Indiegogo campaign page for INFRA: indiegogo.com.

About Loiste Interactive

We are an independent game company based in Hämeenlinna, Finland. We are made up of roughly a dozen people. Our core development team consists of respected members of the modding community.

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INFRA Credits

Aleksi Juvani

Jukka Koskelainen
Level Designer, Environment Artist

Finnian Langham

Nemo Nemiroff
Additional Character Rigging

Oskari Samiola
Level Designer, Environment Artist

Nick Seavert
Visual Effects Artist

Verneri Saha
Additional Modeling

Ry Soderberg
Additional Modeling, Additional Character Animation

Riku Vauhkonen
Character Artist, Character Animator

Mikko Viitaja
Level Designer, Environment Artist

Terhi Vuonnala
Additional Modeling, Additional Character Animation

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